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All trees need trimming, and we're not just talking about decorating them for the holidays. Professional trimming removes dead or dying branches so trees enjoy healthy lives, giving your commercial or residential property years of shade and beauty.

 •  Maintains your trees

 •  Keeps them healthy

 •  Prolongs tree life

 •  Protects your property

 •  Prevents and reduces disease


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Removing these branches is also referred to as tree cleaning. We get rid of all the brown and dying parts of your tree to leave it clean, lush, and green. While you can trim most shade trees any time, some trees should only be trimmed during certain times a year.

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Why trim those trees

A fresh and clean look

Trees may look like they don't need maintenance and grow soundly on their own, but that is certainly not the case where buildings and technology surround them. Keep your trees healthy and your property safe with the help of Levi's Tree Service LLC.

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