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Elizabeth, NJ


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Dead trees can damage your property, and not just in looks. While dead trees are never attractive, they also never promote safety. You don't want limbs falling or branches falling off as passersby walk under them. And, you also don't want anything that can damage any structures on your property, especially your home or commercial building.

 •  Removing all debris

 •  Professional equipment

 •  Minimal impact on vegetation

 •  Safety near building and utility lines

 •  Improving property appearance

 •  Work in limited access areas

We work on private homes, commercial properties, housing complexes, and college campuses!

That's why it's important to have dead or dying trees removed by the pros. Removals also come in handy during new construction to clear land. Levi's Tree Service LLC has an unmatched safety record in tree removal and takes all precautions to make sure the job is done right.

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Tree removal by the experts

Safety above all else

When your tree is removed, that stump will likely remain and leave an unsightly appearance. You won't be able to remove it yourself, so call on our services to do the job for you. Read on to learn more about our stump grinding work.

Tree removal from start to finish