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Get rid of that old tree stump fast and effectively with our services. Forget those old methods of burning stumps, digging them out, or pouring hazardous chemicals on them. Instead, let us use our state-of-the-art stump grinder to get the job done with ease and speed.

 •  Large and small grinders

 •  Grinds the stump into wood chips

 •  Prevents dangerous fungi

 •  Protects surrounding trees and vegetation

 •  Protects utility lines around property

 •  Improves property aesthetics

Call your utility company to help locate wires and pipes before stump grinding!

Our stump grinder gets to the root of the problem. It uses blades and wheels to quickly cut away at the stump until there's nothing left but debris to haul away. Depending on what you plan to do with the space helps determine the grinding depth.

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Stump grinding benefits

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The trees you have need special care to stay healthy and offer long, shaded life on your commercial or residential property. Read on to learn more about our professional tree trimming services that give your trees a new lease on life.

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